Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tina's Tea

This is the screenplay that I wrote for acting camp last year. It has no dialogue. It turned out really well on stage.

Tina folds grey overcoat and puts it in closet. She starts a kettle of water. She picks up a picture of her husband, and looks out window. She sighs, puts her fist on her chin and looks around. She goes around inspecting worthless knickknacks. The Tea Kettle Boils. She turns off the stove and takes out teacup. She puts on a stylish oven mitt and pours the hot water in the cup. She takes out a tea bag and slowly dips it in, as though she’s being forced to do it. She brings the tea into a room with a table and chair and sits down. She takes a spoon and puts it into a sugar bowl. She brings it out with sugar on it and brings it close to the tea, slowly and painfully. She drops the spoon and starts breathing heavily. She slows down the breathing, and then sheds a single tear into the cup of tea.

I know that this probably isn't as powerful when written down, but you can get the idea from it.

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