Monday, May 12, 2008

A First Look at LostWinds

I recently downloaded one of the launch titles of WiiWare; LostWinds. It is a game is about an ancient spirit and a kid in an old civilization basically save the world. It's a pretty basic plot line, but here's where the good stuff comes in. You move around and pick stuff up with the nunchuck and use the wind with the Wiimote. It actually works very well and it's fun to blow random stuff on the screen around. You can even lift the kid into the air. This is basically how you do difficult jumps. This is a puzzle platformer, so the jump will become vital. The spirit gains more and more abilities over time, and becomes a Zelda/Metroidesque game, because it features a lot of running around to the next treasure and exploring. This is basically the whole game. There are also enemies that you must blow into a wall or the ground, but it's pretty easy and unimportant. The game has a beautiful cartoony look to it, but it's not childish, so it looks like it's able to appeal to any age group. The puzzles are pretty basic and spelled out for you, so don't expect to be challenged. The game has a calm atmosphere and makes you feel comfortable in its world. It's a game that I find really relaxes you. So far, I can't wait to keep playing. I want to know what the next ability is!

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