Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lock of Hair

This is a piece i wrote in Creative Writing Club. We had to write a piece without lifting the pencil. We were forced to write from pure instinct. I think mine came out pretty well.

The girl with the hair flipped in front of her face. Why won't she brush it away? It makes me so angry, but I keep staring at the little flip coming down on her nose. I hate it! No! I love it! I will not forgive her if she brushes it away! My lifeblood is that hazel lock of hair and I have lost myself so much in it, that my whole body and soul will disappear if she changes. Damn the rest of her! I love the little flip! No! She brushes it away.

It shows both my little OCD feelings and my love of imperfection clashing. I feel that my writing is truer if I don't over think it.

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