Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tetris Attack

Tetris Attack is one of my favorite games. You may also know it by its Japanese name, Panel de Pon. It's a puzzle game in which blocks rise slowly from the bottom of the screen, and you must switch pairs of blocks around to get 3 or more in a row, like Bejewled, but they don't go back to their original position if they don't immediately get used. It has a gravity aspect, so if a block is in midair, then it will fall until it hits another block. This can lead to many combos. The point of the game is to make the opponent's blocks hit the ceiling. You attack them by getting combos or four or more blocks in a row. This will make a large block fall on their board. This can get very competitive and addicting. Tetris Attack has a story line with Yoshi, while Panel de Pon has a different one that I haven't played. It is about freeing other characters from a spell by Bowser. It's not amazing, but it gives you a reason to fight a bunch of enemies, then use them yourself as continues. The puzzle mode is extremely hard and fun. It gives you a set number of turns and a board full of blocks. Your mission is to clear all of the blocks in the set number of turns. The first level is just connecting three blocks together, but as you progress, it gets to a point where you must try every different move you can think of, and then some. It gets frustrating, but it always gives you a reason to come back to the game. I have not beaten puzzle mode yet, and I never expect to.

Me and my dad used to play Tetris Attack every week when I was four. It was really the only game my dad enjoyed and I was happy because I was so good at it. We had tons fun together and this game is actually the first thing I can remember.

I can't give this game a score because I have so much sentimental value with it. I feel that it's better than Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Lumines combined. If you've never played this game, pick it up. It's a must-have.

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