Sunday, May 18, 2008

Little Big Planet Trailer Impressions

Recently, I've been watching a lot of Little Big Planet trailers. I feel like it's the game to end all games. You can replicate any stage in a traditional platformer, and make it even better. I'd love to see somebody remake all the levels of the original Super Mario Bros. (Or Super Mario Bros. 3 if I'm lucky). Everything seems so lifelike and animated, in a vibrant way. I've spent hours just playing with simple physics engines, throwing balls or boards around. Imagine what it would be like to make ANYTHING. I thought I'd never get bored of Guitar Hero III. I did. I thought I'd never get bored of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I did. But I can say for a fact that Little Big Planet will never grow old. Just think of the hundreds of songs people have made using Mario Paint's song maker. Think of how many elaborate levels people have made with Line Rider. Many have made custom Guitar Hero songs. People have even made a few levels in Super Mario World in which the levels complete themselves. These examples will be nothing compared to how amazing Little Big Planet is. It's thousands of times more flexible, can be shared online and are FULLY PLAYABLE. You can even edit it yourself! My overactive imagination will finally be of use and fun at the same time. I hope I can make my own sound effects. I could upload my voice onto the PS3 and make a story line to a level. If I could do that, I'd be able to die in peace. The only REAL logical next step to this series is to be able to put my consciousness into the game, then I could experience everything firsthand. I bet that technology will never exist, but if it does, that will be the ideal time to start working on a sequel. My only complaint is that I have to wait for this game. Soon, this ultimate tool of happiness will take the world by storm and I'll be content.

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