Sunday, May 4, 2008

A "Catcher in the Rye" style piece

I wrote this piece with Catcher in the Rye in mind because we were reading it for school. The name for my english teacher will be changed to Mr. White, because I don't want to use real names and all.

I sat there with a glazed look.
"Hey Toby"
"Hey. How are you?
"How are you?"
I hated that. I asked, "How are you" as a question, but Monica took it as a greeting. I resumed doing nothing. When is Mr. White getting here?
"He's probably at a meeting."
Had she sensed my internal question or is it just a popular thought nowadays? I assumed the latter because of her in-adeptness at the greeting. She stood up from her desk.
"I'm getting a drink from the vending machine."
She left the room. I sighed as if a great weight had fallen from my shoulders. I looked at Monica's bag. In one of the outer pockets I could see a pack of Welsh's grape-flavored gummies. A snack and a drink. What was this, the movies? I pictured Titanic being shown on the Smartboard and I chuckled to myself. Monica opened the door and said, "We forgot. There's no school today!" Damn. Don't get me wrong, I hate school just like every other normally functioning human being. It just feels like a waste that I woke up at 7:30 and scooted all the way here. That's right, I'm a scooter man, and don't you make fun of it. I won a competition when I was 7 and I'm damn proud of it. Anyway, now I have to walk all the way back home since it's uphill. All because of my stupidity. I could be sleeping! I looked around at the classroom. It's pretty cosy here. My mom'll pick me up at 3:00. Why not? I lay my head down on the desk. I actually find desks more comfortable than beds. Go figure. I dozed off for a few hours. I don't know when I actually went to sleep though, because it takes me a while to lose consciousness. It probably took me half an hour. Good for my standards.

Yes, that's the end. I was in class and had to do work before the period was over, so I stopped writing. I tend to lose interest when I write the same piece over a period of time, so I never made a real ending. Sorry. Maybe I'll continue someday.

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