Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Coffee Incident

Two days ago,my friends and I were buying a friend, I'll call...uh...Steve, a bunch of iced coffees. You see, recently our school cafeteria has been making iced coffee for students for $1.50 a cup and each student was allowed only one cup a day. A couple of us went to go get coffee for him after he got his first because he was pretty much hooked on iced coffee recently. As more people went, the louder the cries were for Steve to drink faster. When I went to go, I asked for $2.00 for my cup. Steve said he had no money, so another one of the friends gave me two dollars and set it in front of Steve. He managed to drink 7 cups of iced coffee.

Yesterday, I found him drinking more iced coffee in the cafeteria. It turns out that he never fell asleep that night and they wanted to see how many he could drink before he crashed after the caffeine high. He seemed like he didn't want to drink more, so I asked him why he kept drinking more. He answered, "Because it's in front of me." A good reason if ever there was one. He got to 11 coffees when another friend came back after a while on the line with another cup. Steve started to sip it, then spit it back into the cup.
"How many sugars did you put in this?!?"
"I lost count after twelve."
He tried to drink the rest of it, but after half was done he spit some onto the floor and said he couldn't drink any more. The show was over.

This morning, I saw him in the halls and asked him if he was up all night again. He said, "No, I had a massive crash."

I know it was a bit cruel to just let him drink so much coffee, but he looked like he was really enjoying being so daring. Now we all have this great story to tell.

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