Monday, May 26, 2008

The Rubber Room

Has anyone else heard of "The Rubber Room"? It's basically a holding cell for teachers that I originally heard about on NPR. I think it's horrible and inhumane to keep teachers in a room doing nothing for seven hours a day. They can stay in that room for years, even if they didn't do anything wrong. They're getting their punishment before their trial. I'm scared for these people. I suggest that you spread the word about the ways that the Department of Education handles its problems.


Anonymous said...

I became aware of the existence of the Rubber Room when I heard a replay of the NPR podcast. Reactions: human rights violation, waste of taxpayers' money and...where is the legal department of the UFT? Expedite hearings. Fire guilty teachers.
Rehabilitate dedicated teachers who have committed minor infractions and get good teachers back into the classroom.

Toby Lurio said...

Thank you for commenting. I completely agree with you. How does this get by in today's society?