Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sarah Bellum

My little sister Anne likes to write. She likes to make up stories with no real point. I try to tell her that there needs to be some kind of moral or underlying message, but she doesn’t want to hear that. She just wants me to check it and say that I love it. So I do. Today I was called into her room and she asked me if she had a good plot.
“June, how’s this? There’s a girl genius named, ‘Sarah Bellum’, and she goes around solving mysteries with her friends. On her first mystery, she finds that one of her classmates is actually evil, but she has to find a way to prove it.” Oh how I’d love to tell her that nobody in their right mind would name a kid ‘Sarah Bellum’. But I couldn’t tell her that.
“That’s a great idea, Anne.”
“You think so? Cool! I’m going to try and write a series!” She’s always going to write a series, but the next day, she completely loses interest in the character. “Let’s see. How should I title this…? The Beginning of Sarah Bellum: Issue One; Volume One; Series One. How’s that?”

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