Friday, June 6, 2008

A Chat With an English Teacher After the Story is Written

No, this is not nonfiction. I just find it amusing to twist situations I'm sometimes in, hence the fishing story and this.

"I love the use of imagery."
"Oh yes. It makes everything in the story seem realer."
(What the hell is imagery?)
"And the character is very much like Ali Baba. I like allusions."
"Yes. I intended that of course."
(Ali who? Allusions?)
"So, what made you write this story?"
"I was just reading Great Expectations and the idea came to me."
(Great Expectations... I'd never read that. I was watching Lost.)
"Great Expectations? I love that book! What's your favorite scene?"
"I'd say the one when they find the polar bear on the island....I mean the first one!"
(Damn it, Toby! Think before you speak!)
"I need to read that again... Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow."
(I'm going to need to Wikipedia imagery later...)

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