Friday, June 20, 2008

Pulp Games

I just realized something today while playing Lego Indiana Jones. This isn't an amazing game with anything that wowed me or any depth whatsoever, but it was fun. I call this Pulp Games, as novels with no depth or real point are called pulp fiction. Although it can be debated, almost all games have some sort of depth or innovation; something new. Others are just updated from the last edition of it. The Lego games are all basically the same, except the settings, characters, and puzzles change. The story is completely taken from the movies, so there is nothing in that either. This idea can also be applied to sport games which simply change the roster and other small things every year, the first Mega Man games (okay, they had a bit of story, but they weren't exactly compelling), and Mario Party. Is there something wrong with this? Yes. While each game may be fun in its own right, the developers dig themselves into a hole which is not easy to get out. Just how many Guitar Heros are there going to be until Harmonix comes out with something original? Don't get me wrong. I love games like Katamari as much as the next person, but I want to see new things from those people! I love that feeling when something cool comes out, especially if I've never seen anything like it. Luckily, the original creator of Katamari is making a game for the PS3 that is not about Katamari at all. It's good to know that people can start anew, even after getting wrapped up in a hit.

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