Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Top Video Game Levels

Sure, some games are cool as a whole, but how come nobody discusses singular levels? Here are the top 5 levels that bring the most vivid memories.

5. Bottom of the Well (Ocarina of Time):
I shiver to think of this. It took me a long time to realize how easy this level was, so I fumbled around without the eye of truth, trying to memorize the invisible floors and falling over and over again into the redeads below. Their screams still haunt me at night...

4. Monstro Town (Super Mario RPG):
Yes, this technically isn't a level, but there are like 4 bosses in it, so I'll count it. Monstro Town was the biggest surprise to me in SMRPG. It made me realize that monsters had feelings and personalities. Then I would think back to all of the monsters I killed before just to level up. Even the creepy wolf was a cool guy when you had a conversation with him. And the tiny goombas were just adorable. The one monster I did not sympathize with was the sensei. That goddamn sensei kept killing each character with one shot and JUST WOULDN'T DIE.

3. The Last Level (Portal):
Sorry, I don't know what the last section of Portal is called, but it was really cool. I loved how you had to escape your fiery death, run aimlessly through Aperture Science, solve puzzles that look like they were never meant to be solved, and eventually fight GLaDOS in one of the most amusing boss fights ever.

2. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Elite Beat Agents):
I was boooooorn in a cross fire hurricane. Yes, my favorite level from my favorite music game was definitely the last. It was extremely hard, but awesome at the same time. I find this kind of embarrassing, but I actually think that they're cover of Jumpin' Jack Flash is better than the Rolling Stones' version. I never beat it on the hardest mode, but I got so close! Too bad my DS is screwed up now, because I'd replay that level anytime.

1. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (Yoshi's Island):
This was the coolest level EVER. You see the fuzzys around and assume that they're evil, so you avoid them. Then, eventually, you accidentally hit one and go into the druggiest video game experience this side of Katamari. It was supposed to be an obstacle, but I now see it as the best power-up of all time. Unfortunately, like the Kuribo Shoe, it was only used in one glorious level.

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