Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eating at Sam's

Tonight I ate at Sam's Restaurant, and I was fairly satisfied. We were breaking the Passover "fast", and I was eager to eat some bread.

When we got there, I had about three pieces of the complimentary bread. It wasn't amazing, but it felt great to have something fluffy again. I also really enjoyed the tomatoes on bread. I always look forward to that. We got the cold antipasto, but it had hardly any vegetables on it. It was mostly a meat plate. It was okay meat, but some of it was hard to chew and it was way too much for an appetizer. Next we got a mushroom pizza. It was very tasty, but the crust was very thin, and I tend to prefer the thicker crusted pizzas. I just don't think that pizzas should be crunchy. It didn't have much cheese, and it was advertised as having many different mushrooms on it, but almost all of them were portobellos. Despite the shortcomings, I really enjoyed it. Before we left I ordered a tartufo. It was the same exact tartufo I had gotten at the Cafe Roma on Arthur Avenue a month or two ago! I had realized that I had been cheated. I enjoyed it when I got it a while ago, but now that I knew its true colors, I felt disgusted. It was a satisfactory, but it tasted kind of manufactured; especially the almonds. We left with full stomachs and I can't say I wasn't happy.

During the dinner, there was a woman at a table nearby who ordered nothing but wine. During the pizza course, she took out her cell phone and called her husband and yelled for a divorce! She even told him to get someone to check the value of all of the books! I'm not sure if she was just too drunk or serious, but I must admit that it was amusing to hear this. I guess I'm a natural eavesdropper.

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