Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Hunter and the Prey

This actually just happened.

I have watched a fly buzz incessantly around the room for far too long. I lunge at it, shoe in hand, time and time again. This is either a really smart bug or I have horrible hand-eye coordination. This isn't working. I've come close to breaking my picture of Tin Tin, but the fly remains intact and won't shut up. I need a better weapon. I look around the room and find the perfect weapon; the chemistry regents workbook. I take it in hand and I wait until the fly has landed on a window for one last time. I focus on my prey, bring the workbook slightly back...WHAM! It barely hits the fly, but it goes down. Oddly, the corpse is nowhere to be found, but I don't care. I need to go to bed and am filled with relief. The suburban hunter has succeeded again.


Cornelius said...

I found myself in a similar situation the other night.
I however, managed to retrieve my kill. It is mounted on my wall.

I must say though, I am growing weary of the current line-up of suburban pray.
Perhaps we can legalize the killing the most annoying pray of all...the flying shit rodent, scientifically known as...'The Pigeon'

Oh how many mornings must I spent gazing at the urban savanna, longing to take up my blunderbuss and show those devils what for.

Bronnie said...

Wow Toby.
This was really good and kind of hilariously pointless at the same time.
Good job!