Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was in NYC today to go to my favorite shop; Videogamesnewyork. I was aiming to buy Rhythm Tengoku. Alas, there was no Rhythm Tengoku. All they had was Rhythm Tengoku Gold. Oh yeah, they also had LITTLEBIGPLANET. Videogamesnewyork is famous in the area for breaking street dates on every game they can. I considered not buying it because I have a pre-order at GameStop, but what the hey. I'll give that one to my friend. Besides, this one is the rare, supposed to be unreleased version that has words from the Qur'an in it. I'm betting this'll be a collector's item someday. Anyway, the picture proof is at the title link. Now I'm gonna go play this sucker.


Alex said...

Have you unlocked many things that weren't available in the in the beta?

Toby Lurio said...

Well, in the story mode, I've gotten past the Savannah, The Wedding, and Jalepeno Canyon. I'm now in the Metropolis. The levels after The Garden are much more intricate and plot-based. It gets much harder too, as in restart the level a couple of times hard. You also get a lot of new costumes each time you enter a new area. The little mini-games are a lot of fun too. One thing that kind of bugs me is that sometimes at the end of levels, the rewards are items you might have already gotten in previous levels. The create mode is exactly the same as far as I can tell, but I bet they'll do a lot to update it in coming DLC.

Anonymous said...

how much did you get it for??
i called them and they called 79.99..
did you pay the same price??

Toby Lurio said...

I got it for $65.