Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Message to All Hillary Supporters For McCain

I usually avoid any way of offending people, but this is the one exception. I can't understand why any self-respecting Democrat would vote for McCain. I can't even understand why a self-respecting Republican would vote for McCain! It is clear that McCain votes almost all of the time with George W. Bush and the world is slowly being destroyed because of Bush's reign. The North Pole is an island for the first time in human history because of global warming, and Bush hardly acknowledges it! The war in Iraq has cost the economy as a whole $3 trillion and this is a war that was based on lies. How are we going to pay that debt back to the Chinese? Oh yeah, and don't forget the countless lives lost on both sides. Do we want another four years of this crap? Enough with the spite game already! Hillary lost and she's not going to replace Obama no matter how much you whine! I don't want to live in a post-apocolyptic world any time soon because of your stupidity. If you don't like Obama, then look at McCain and Palin. They're even worse. If it must be so, pick the lesser of two evils. Just don't be an idiot.

If you agree with me, just make a supportive comment.

If you don't, then call me out. I'll destroy your argument.

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winlonghorn said...

Way to go! I couldn't agree more! Why would anyone want to vote for someone that could possibly mean the end of our country as we knew it? That baffles me!!!! Come on people! Wake up and smell the coffee! This is the real world here! Not some video game that you can shut off for a mistaken vote! Come back to earth!